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This article is part of the Zinn Education Project’s If We

This article is part of the Zinn Education Project’s If We

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canada goose I absolutely can’t wait for the new season of Ozark which comes out in a couple weeks; Netflix original. Big Mouth also; season 2 comes out later this year. Ugly Delicious is a great show that came out earlier this year on there as well. We hope the mixer we wrote, Wayne Au’s lesson on the Panthers’ Ten Point Program, and Ursula Wolfe Rocca’s lesson on COINTELPRO, can be starting points for educators who hope to arm a new generation with the story of the Panthers. Hagopian teaches at Garfield High School in Seattle, and is the editor of More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High Stakes Testing (Haymarket Books, 2014). This article is part of the Zinn Education Project’s If We Knew Our History series. canada goose

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