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They were replaced by a sophisticated, grown up collection

They were replaced by a sophisticated, grown up collection

Many believe that the first really innovative product Apple has launched in the post Steve Jobs era is the Apple Watch. By most accounts, this product did not live up to the expectations or standards of Apple new product launches. Since it was the first product shepherded by Tim Cook and Angela Ahrendts outside of Steve Job’s shadow, its lackluster performance increases concerns about Apple’s ability to innovate after Jobs..

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1) Who is called ‘East of Boston’?

Answer to Ahmedabad

2) Where is the headquarters of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board?

Answers in Mumbai – 3) Where is the New Moore Island located?

North-Bay of Bengal
4). How many countries from China’s terrestrial border are?

Answers – from 13 countries

5) Who is called ‘East of Venice’?

Answer to Udaipur

6) Where does the Nile fall?

North – In the Mediterranean Sea

7) Which city of India is called the city of rallies?

North – New Delhi

8) According to Hindu beliefs, who is the father of Shani Devta?

Answer – Sun

9) Which Indian city is said to be the queen of mountains?

Answer – Mussoorie

10) Whose collection of compositions is known as ‘invoice’?

Answers – Kabirdas

11) What is the geographical surname of Meghalaya?

Answer – Home of Megha

12) For the use of which only payment is called economic leaning?

Answer: for use of land

13). Which is the oldest current rail engine in India?

Answer – Fairy Queen

14) Which state of India receives the most gold?

North – Karnataka

15) Which is the smallest district in India?

North – Mahe, Puducherry (9 m²)

1) Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly?

Answers – In New Delhi

2) Which is the smallest muscle in the human body?

Answer – Stapidium

3) Which rule applies in the flow of water?

Answer – Rule of Barnauli

4) Which gas is used to cook fruits?

Answer – Acetylene

5) Who made the Golden Temple?

Answer: Guru Arjun Dev 6). aaa replica designer handbags

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