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The leadership team approached Batsirai with the idea of infusing the 2015

Day of Hope and Leadership with music. In the spirit of leadership and creativity, Batsirai approached Keegan Kalideen, a brilliant composer, with the idea of writing a dedicated song about hope for the day. An hour later the musical idea was landed upon. Elizabeth Chada, Batsirai’s sister heard the music, and was immediately inspired with an lyric concept of soaring through the air. The hope that everyone has to fulfill their potential, and the support everyone needs to do just that. We knew it was special, so we made a recording in the hopes that the song will continue to inspire your hope-filled leadership of the world around you.

Written by: Keegan Kalideen, Elizabeth Chada & Batsirai Chada
Produced by: Keegan Kalideen, Batsirai Chada & Adam Newcomb
Special Thanks to Adam Newcomb & Newcomb Studios:

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