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Some people call me “pawl wall car” but they are incorrect

Some people call me “pawl wall car” but they are incorrect

Most people with even a moderate knowledge of computing know that “a PNG” is an type of computer file, partly because they usually seen the file extension on a file before. the assistant came and told us to open “sequel server”. it was very early in the morning, so people were quite sleepy, and besides, nobody was used to that pronunciation, so everyone kept trying to find “sequel server”. after about two minutes the assistant lost his patience and opened it for one of the students, who went something like “Ooohhh. it S Q L”, to which the assistant replied “Yes, it sequel, isn that what I said??”See, my name is spelt “Paul Walker”, but, interestingly, its pronounced the same as yours. Some people call me “pawl wall car” but they are incorrect, no matter how many of the there are.

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