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Ø Ø Ø Ø Earth’s shape can be best illustrated by what word → Ø

Ø Ø Ø Ø Earth’s shape can be best illustrated by what word → Ø

Ø Which of the following is known as the ocean ocean → Saragaso ocean
Ø The first person to tell the greenhouse effect is the scientist who was the following → Arthinus
Ø Which country of the world? Most populations are found → China – Ø In India, the time of southwest monsoon is usually from when to date → June to September
Ø Which of the following is not on the left bank of the Ganges? Says → Yamuna
Ø is the largest island in the world → Greenland
Ø Which of the following states is favorable to women → Kerala
Ø Tsunami is the word of which language → Japanese – Ø India The largest export port of tobacco in India is located in the city of Chennai. Ø Ø Ø Ø Earth’s shape can be best illustrated by what word → Ø From the sphere of elliptical energy Ø The plateau is surrounded by mountains Goods What are they surrounded, what are they called → interplanetary plateau
Ø Who discovered the solar system → Copernicus
Ø Kaiga nuclear power plant is located in which of India? → Karnataka – Ø On the Richter scale Who is measured → Intensity of earthquake
Ø Who is the father of ‘White Revolution’ in India → Dr. Verghese Kurien
Ø Ranthambore Cheeta Shelter Site Where → Rajasthan – Ø Which state of India has the highest population density → West Bengal
Ø Where is the origin of Brahmaputra river → Kailas mountain east shield in Tibet From
Ø Which state in India touches the boundaries of most states → Uttar Pradesh
Ø India has become self-reliant in production of which of the following → iron
Ø Ankleshwar region For what is known → Mineral Oil – Ø Which of the following areas has the largest reserves of iron and coal → Chhota Nagpur
Ø Which of the following Indian states has forest area minimum? Haryana Ganga is known in the source site → Alaknanda river
Ø Which of the following projects provides electricity to Rourkela Steel Plant? → Hirakund Dam Project
Ø ‘Peer Pole Bengal category ‘Where is located → are found in Jammu and Kashmir
Ø’ Dfla ‘and’ Sinhpo ‘tribes which state → Arunachal Pradesh
Ø ‘Rajghat Dam’ is situated on which river → Betawa river
Ø Which of the following is called ‘Vanishing Ocean’ → Arctic Ocean
Ø ‘Baron Island’ is situated on where → Andaman In the Nicobar islands
Ø Which of the following is not a desert → Tharu
Ø What is known as the river Ganges in Bangladesh → Padma River
Ø What is the maximum part of Afghanistan? → Mountain – Ø ‘Alfen Ta Ta Ta ‘is located in Replica Designer Handbags the country → Sri Lanka
Ø Which is the longest railway zone in India → Northern Railway
Ø Which of the following are the kind of hair wool → Caucasus
Ø World Which is the largest oil refinery → New Mexico
Ø ‘Tehri Dam’ gets water from which river → Bhagirathi
Ø Which of the following air lacks cyclonic motion → Toranado
Ø Which of the following plants in India? Home → Autumn forest – Ø Popularly known as ‘Sardar Sarovar Project’ in which of the following states? Gujarat
Ø Which of the following types of vegetation is found in the Western Ghats mountainous region of India? → Evergreen
Ø Sabarmati river flows along the side of which city? Ahmedabad – Ø Who has set boundaries between India and Pakistan → Sir Correll Radcliffe
Ø The East Coast of India is known by what name is known → Roman Coast
Ø Which is the capital of Gujarat? → Gandhinagar – Ø ‘Bhakra Nangal Dam’ is built on which river → Satluj River
Ø Which is the main foodgrain crops in Bihar → Rice, wheat And maize – Ø Which is the most suitable crop for dry land → Peanuts? Ø Which is the capital of Rajasthan → Jaipur – Ø Which city of Bihar is the capital of Jharkhand state → Ranchi
Ø Which of these is true → Bihar of coal and mica The main producer is the state.

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