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NOTES: New Jersey began the game with three short handed goals

NOTES: New Jersey began the game with three short handed goals

Jersey Channel Island is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. More and more people are going there to spend their holidays and to have some good time. It is a small island and is a part of the British Crown Dependency. Things we learn in this episode: apparently, Amber has been growing her hair since her chemotherapy sessions with the intention of cutting it at the 5 year cancer free mark and donating it for wigs. Amber’s madre comes over to watch, and cries at the memories of what Amber has been through with The Cancer, and Insalata cries because she’s worried that her madre is going to be bald again. Everybody cries, so much crying, and seriously, you people need to pull it together, it’s just a haircut..

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All of the districts have to many parties, luncheons. Breakfasts, brunch you name and their doing it and so where are the important things they should be doing. That is not what our tax dollars are to be used for.. Obviously many teams now use lax specific tops (pic 3) which are more Practice Jerseys than Pinniess, being made from a similar material to actual jerseys. Originally the whole purpose of a Pinny was simply to denote a number of seperate colours for teams and the style wasn particularly relevant. However as the usage became more specific the shape changed and so did the wording used.

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Also evident were typical signs of training camp out of province licence plates in the parking lot and nervous teenagers in the rink. Not to mention Buddy Clifford on the sidelines. The assistant equipment manager has been around the rink even longer the Screaming Eagles franchise, which turns 20 this season..

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