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No doubt that we have all the confidence in the world and we

No doubt that we have all the confidence in the world and we

Most evocatively, a powder blue cabinet room, festooned with peacocks (an emblem of motherhood), with chair handles carved in the image of her favourite dog. This was the queen’s refuge, her powder room, in effect, and one still holds one’s breath in anticipation of its rouged, fragrant occupant. It was here that Marie Antoinette sought solace from stifling palace etiquette.

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replica Purse Demands are also being made that a Joint Parliamentary Committee should be appointed to go into the PNB scam.Public memory is short and it is getting even shorter. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to recapitulate the experience of the JPC on the last bank scam in 1992.Soon after the economic reforms were launched in 1991, the buoyancy in the stock market was mistaken as evidence of the success of economic reforms and its reception by the corporate world.As a result, the ministry of finance as also the Reserve Bank of India failed to see that bank funds were being clandestinely used in the stock market by unscrupulous brokers.There was an uproar in Parliament and the then finance minister Manmohan Singh, made a very uncalled for comment by saying, ‘But that does not mean that I should lose my sleep simply because the stock market goes up one day and falls next day.’This, in a sense, conveyed the approach of the government to the scam.The JPC spent a lot of time in collecting information and literally truckloads of documents. It also made some very perceptive and penetrating observations on the functioning of the government, the supervisory role discharged by RBI and several lacunae in it.Referring to the then finance minister’s flippant comment, the JPC sarcastically noted: ‘It is good to have a FM who does not lose his sleep easily but one would wish that when such cataclysmic changes take place all around, some alarm would ring to disturb his slumber.’The JPC had recommended: ‘The Comptroller and Auditor General (C may be given a year’s time to arrange for placement of staff in position and their training before starting on supplementary audit of all nationalised banks and financial institutions.”Alternatively, the C can take up the audit of all government banks and financial institutions in phases covering all of them within a period of two years from the date the necessary legal framework is created.’The committee’s observations and recommendations should have led to a number of important decisions pertaining to the supervision of the banking system, both by the ministry of finance and the RBI.Unfortunately, this did not happen.In fact, some officers against whom the committee had made severe criticism flourished in Replica Handbags subsequent years.Reference must also be made to yet another distinct feature of the functioning of the JPC replica Purse.