Every Child Deserves a Birthday Party

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I combined the $20 I recieved with donations from others totally $130. Open Arms will be giving 12 year old Andrew who is from a single parent family, a birthday party. He has never had the opportunity to have a party where he could invite friends, as most kids living in poverty. We will be providing a party at NEBs fun world. It is important to know that 60% of the children who live in poverty in Oshawa are from single parent homes. We hope to provide more birthday parties for kids like Andrew. Andrew has a dad who left him and fled out of province and a mom who works two and sometimes 3 jobs to survive. She is the working poor. She had gone off of subsidy for housing because of a promotion to full time work but a cut back placed her work status to part time. She can no longer afford to live in her small rental townhouse . Life is difficult for even hard working people like this mother.

Michelle Bountrogiannis 


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