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Doug Schneider


Dr. Doug A. Schneider has traveled to over 40 countries of the world and addressed over 3,000 different audiences. He comes with a message of hope, encouragement and vision. Doug believes that people respond best when they’re positively inspired, given suitable training and offered opportunity to participate with others. Inside of all of us is a unique DNA seed of skills and ability. It’s really not that difficult to turn the ordinary into extraordinary when your life becomes “unlocked”.

Doug’s wit, humour and practical wisdom have given him a platform of influence through television, radio, books and conferences/conventions. To Doug, everybody counts and everyone’s different. He offers keys of insight and understanding to ensure that there are lasting results.

He has served on Board of Governors and Executive Boards of companies, charitable and non-charitable organizations, and in more personal coach/mentor capacities. Doug’s proven experience in leadership is sure to positively impact your life.

A few words from Doug Schneider…

In this video, Doug discusses the passion of the Day of Hope and Leadership event.

Day of Hope and Leadership is all about “bringing the community to a focus, finding out their passion, and enhancing it.” This special day is committed to exercising those core values that make life better — giving hope that life can be better.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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