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  • We are pleased to announce our first “Emerging Leadership Development Day”!

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    The Hope Team is pleased to announce the addition of our first Emerging Leadership Development Day on Monday, September 29.  This year will be the first of a three year commitment to invest in Durham Region’s Youth by holding a one day development leadership day for young leaders Ages 17 to 24.

    We are seeking 60 young leaders that would like to attend as the guest of The Day of Hope and Leadership Team and take part in an interactive, empowering, and motivating day. The event  will start at 11am and end at 4pm. This year’s Theme for the Day of Hope and Leadership (on September 30) is  Just Lead- It Starts with You and Ends with Others.  We will be taking the focus of this theme to the youth event.

    Attendees will be lead by three amazing young leaders, Dan Walters from UOIT, Travis Dutka from 360 Incentives and Katie Zeppieri, the founder of Girls Talk and Make your Mark.  All 60 young leaders that attend the day will also be invited, as our guest, to attend the second day, the main event on September 30th at the Ajax Convention Centre with over 250 senior leaders.

    Not only will the youth have the opportunity to tap into and develop their own leadership skills, they will be challenged to create a community project that they will work on collectively throughout the year.  The Day of Hope and Leadership is committed to mentoring and developing leaders at every stage of their lives.

    If you would like to sponsor this event or if you know of a youth who may be a good candidate for this event, please contact for more information.

  • The Disney Institute – Where Leaders Come To Learn!

    Disney Institute



    The Disney Institute:  Where Leaders Come to Learn

    As a leader, I want to learn from the best. I want to see the best, do the things others don’t do and see why leaders do what they do and what reactions are created.  I have just returned from Orlando, Florida where I attended the Disney Institutes Leadership Excellence Course. The class included 65 top leaders, mostly from the United States, but also Australia and the only Canadian in the class – ME!  Wow, what a group and what a week!

    I certainly can’t highlight all of the teachings in this posting but as a leader that believes that, leadership is the opportunity to invest into others so they will invest into others, it was refreshing and confirming that the soft skills that many people believe are so important would play such an important role at Disney.

    Now, a few fast facts about Disney World, Orlando – 70,000 employees, 7,200 students that work seasonally or part time and live on four different off site Disney campuses. Disney World covers 46 square miles.  In some departments, 96% of the cast members do not speak English – talk about the importance of finding clear ways to communicate!

    What was clear is this; their cast members are the key to the everyday success that Disney expects. The competitive edge is their people and how they interact with each and every guest. How is it possible to get so many cast members to feel empowered and engaged? Their team leaders, all the way up to the CEO’s office, believe in their cast members.  They understand that each day each cast member interacts with thousands of people.  Their skills and commitment to the overall Disney experience for every guest must be superior to that of any other competitor.

    Cast members believe that their daily skills are noticed, appreciated and value.  They feel part of the overall success. Cast members are communicated with daily and with respect and clarity. It’s not good enough that a ride operator knows that a ride is going offline, everyone needs to know and they need to know why.  If a cast member is selling balloons and a child takes theirs and accidently lets it go, the cast member is empowered to replace that balloon.  They don’t have to go through a chain of command while the child is having a melt down and mom and dad are now frustrated and upset.  Everyone has the ability and accountability to ensure that the guests at the park enjoy their experience at Disney.

    It doesn’t matter if the cast member is an hourly or salary cast member, they always feel part of the Disney family and therefore never want to let down the family. It was amazing to talk, walk and observe cast members and team leaders as they prepared for the day ahead.

    Soft skills are one of the major reasons why Disney is a worldwide leader. So the next time someone says soft skills don’t impact the bottom line think about what happens just in one location at Disney World Orlando – over 18 million visitors visit the Magic Kingdom yearly, another 11 million visitor Epcot and Animal Kingdom saw 10 million.  Their cast members matter play a crucial day in and day out ensuring that these visitors have a magical experience. Leadership is always about investing in others.  The cast members at Disney show great leadership.  Join us at this year’s Day of Hope and Leadership where our theme:  Just Lead – it Starts With You and Ends with Others will inspire and motivate you to be the best leader you can be!


    Dan Carter


  • Exciting News From Your Hope Team!


    2014 Theme:  

    Just Lead, It Starts With You and Ends With Others

    The Hope Team has been hard at work coming up with this year’s theme.  Just Lead, It Starts With You and Ends With Others will take the team back to their roots of developing and inspiring the leader within each of us.

    This year, the team is expanding their efforts by holding an “Emerging Leadership Development Day” that will take place on Monday, September 29th and host 60 youth ages 17 to 24 years old. Our incredible youth presenters from last year will be facilitating the event.  Dan Walters, Travis Dutka and Katie Zeppieri will be delivering their energizing and engaging presentations.  The youth will be challenged with creating a community project that they can work on throughout the year.  All youth will be invited to attend the Day of Hope and Leadership the next day to continue their leadership training.

    If you would like to be a sponsor for either event, please contact Paula Carter at (905-431-2163) for more information.  We only need your commitment right now, you won’t be invoiced until the summer.

    We are very excited to tell you that we have another addition to our team.  In our last blog posting, we told you about Noel Coppins joining the team.  Now, we’d like to introduce Cate Collins.  Check out our speaker section to read all about Cate!

    Our incredible Hope Team Presenters, Denise Marek, Doug Schneider and Joe Stokes are working hard to make this year’s presentations outstanding.  We are all looking forward to seeing our new presenters, Noel and Cate, deliver their unique messages.

    Thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement.  A special shout out to Jesse John and Susan Crosina who help out behind the scenes and continue to support what we do.  Please share this newsletter with anyone you feel might be interested in being part of The Day of Hope and Leadership.  You can reserve your tickets now (no payment until the summer).  Order yours today!

    Best Wishes from,

    Dan Carter and the Hope Team


  • News Update From The Hope Team

    Jan 24, 14 • 2014, Leadership, Value1 Comment


    The Hope Team would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year!  We hope that 2014 brings you every success in all facets of your life.  We wanted to update you on what is happening with the team.  Unfortunately, Garth Johns has decided to step down.  Garth has been with the team for 5 years and we have been very fortunate to have him for that long.  His expertise and knowledge has been a tremendous benefit to everyone on the team.  We will miss him but we wish him only the best as he continues to move forward with his own consulting business and spending more time with his family.

    We are excited to announce that Noel Coppins has joined the Hope Team!  Many will know Noel from her business, Remax Jazz, where she has spent the last 25 years cultivating a reputation of knowledge and integrity.   A business platform of servant leadership combined with Noel’s talent for marketing and promotion have been the foundation of the company’s success. A motivator and cheerleader at heart, Noel coaches and mentors her agents to help them believe in themselves and achieve their goals and dreams.

    Noel has recently completed her first book and is on a progressive path of personal growth and leadership excellence.  Noel is no stranger to delivering outstanding leadership presentations and we look forward to seeing the talent and passion that she brings with her to the Hope Team.

    The Hope Team is already working hard to make sure this year’s Day of Hope and Leadership is a great success.  Next week we will be announcing this  year’s theme so stay tuned!

  • 2014 Sponsorship Packages Now Available

    Check out our 2014 Sponsorship Opportunities 

    You can reserve your sponsorship now but you won’t be invoiced until the summer of 2014 (unless you want it earlier).

    inspiration_signWe will post your logo and start promoting your partnership with the Day of Hope and Leadership right away.  Join us for an amazing event!

    You won’t be believe how inspired you will become by being a part of the Day of Hope and Leadership!