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  • Jerry-Lynn Thompson and Camp Oochigeas!

    Oct 26, 10 • Weekly ShowcaseNo Comments

    With the $20.00 Dollars that I received from the Hope Centre I turned it in to $252.53 for
    Camp Oochigeas a camp for Children living with Cancer I raised this money in 48hrs but I am extending it for the month of Oct to see how much more can be raised. I own a Medical Spa and have put a silent Auction on for $1000.00 worth of Laser Hair removal with all moneys going to Camp Oochigeas. I had a nephew that passed away 2 yrs ago at the age of 16 of cancer and his favorite place to go was camp Oochigeas so I thought in his memory that i would try to help sent a child that couldn’t afford to go.
    Well this all started with you and the Hope Centre so thank you so much for inviting me. I have decide to put on a charity event every year to see how many children we can sent to camp
    so thanks again
    Jerry-Lynn Thompson

  • Kim O’Reilly’s $20 Challenge Experience

    Oct 18, 10 • Weekly ShowcaseNo Comments

    With my $20, I raised $160.00 for a fellow staff member who is going through a financially difficult time at the moment. Her husband has broken his back. She has been the primary wage-earner in the family for years. This staff member never complains about her lot in life. We used the money on gift cards for Metro as she often does her grocery shopping on her lunch hour. This morning we received a thank-you note saying that our thoughtfulness overwhelmed her.

  • Please join me on Sunday, October 17th at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby where we are raising money for Hollie, a 26 year old mother of a beautiful 4 year old girl.

    Oct 13, 10 • Weekly ShowcaseNo Comments

    Hollie is battling cancer, in her liver, brain & bone. Class Act has offered to donate $20.00/ticket to their show called “The Odd Couple” on Oct. 17th @ 12:00 noon. Tickets are $100…Please contact me to purchase a ticket or make a donation.

    Jennifer Powers
    ROCG Americas, LLC

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