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  • Free online fundraising tool to help with the $20 Challenge

    Oct 6, 11 • $20 ChallengeNo Comments

    I used a free online widget by Paypal Labs to facilitate secure online collections for my $20 challenge on my blog which makes fundraising easy.

    • it connects up to paypal which allows people to pay by paypal or credit card securely online
    • donors get recognized immediately in the scrolling banner
    • visitors can take a copy of the widget and put it on their own site as well, to generate even more revenue
    • contributing sites get recognition as well


    1. Go to
    2. Sign in with your PayPal account
    3. Enter all the details (name, choose colours, select image, etc.)
    4. Paste the code it gives you into your site

    You can make changes to the widget any time by going here… and PayPal Labs has published answers to frequently asked questions here.

    Why not take a moment and share this tip with your favourite non-profit or charitable organization too?

    Sue 😀

  • $20 Challenge Sponsor

    Jun 27, 11 • $20 Challenge, 2010, 2011, EventsNo Comments

     Investors Group has come on board to sponsor our highly successful $20 Challenge!  We can’t wait to hear the amazing stories that are generated by this year’s Investors Group $20 Challenge. 

  • Tell us about your $20 experience!

    Mar 4, 11 • $20 Challenge, 2010No Comments

    Investors Group logoClick here to tell us about your $20 experience!

  • Brightening Up Someone’s Christmas Morning

    Dec 20, 10 • Weekly ShowcaseNo Comments

    Congratulations on such a spectacular conference and the $20 challenge. It is such a glorious feeling to be able to pay it forward. With my $20, I have purchased one of the gift bags from the Community Gift Giving Program. This program provides every resident of the Port Perry Nursing Home with a present on Christmas morning. This has been a program that I have been a part of for a few years and is very dear to my heart. Thank you.

    Kristyn Chambers

  • Every Child Deserves a Birthday Party

    Dec 6, 10 • Weekly ShowcaseNo Comments

    I combined the $20 I recieved with donations from others totally $130. Open Arms will be giving 12 year old Andrew who is from a single parent family, a birthday party. He has never had the opportunity to have a party where he could invite friends, as most kids living in poverty. We will be providing a party at NEBs fun world. It is important to know that 60% of the children who live in poverty in Oshawa are from single parent homes. We hope to provide more birthday parties for kids like Andrew. Andrew has a dad who left him and fled out of province and a mom who works two and sometimes 3 jobs to survive. She is the working poor. She had gone off of subsidy for housing because of a promotion to full time work but a cut back placed her work status to part time. She can no longer afford to live in her small rental townhouse . Life is difficult for even hard working people like this mother.

    Michelle Bountrogiannis