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Bald Women: Little Edie, who always wears decorative scarves

Bald Women: Little Edie, who always wears decorative scarves

I would love for Jodie Foster to one day write about her experiences of discovering her sexuality and her coming out, but only because I think it would be a really interesting read. If this never happens, I’m not going to think anything less of her as an actress, lesbian or human being. Everyday heroes exist around us. Since my website started almost a year ago, over 125 people have written and shared their coming out stories with the world, with the sole purpose of trying to make other people who may be going through what they did feel hopeful about their futures. I’d ask any gay, lesbian or bisexual person who has criticized Foster for being so tight lipped about her sexual orientation over the years to do the very thing they are criticizing her for not doing: share your coming out story. If you write and send me your coming out story, I will publish it, and it will help people. Whether or not you choose to do so is your decision, and one that no one else has the right to judge you for.

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wholesale replica designer handbags Age Inappropriate Dress: What, a swimsuit and fishnet tights isn’t a respectable outfit for someone pushing 60? How about a strapless top for someone pushing 80? Also, neither Edie seems to be interested in wearing a bra. Bald Women: Little Edie, who always wears decorative scarves (sweaters or towels also do in a pinch) on her head. (She had the skin disease alopecia totalis, which makes literally all the hair on the body fall out.) Big Fancy House: The titular house, of course. Ironically, even though it had 28 rooms, they spent most of their time in just three of them and left the rest filled with crap. Blithe Spirit: Little Edie really wants to be this and acts like a free spirit who is there to brighten up her old mother’s dull life, but in one memorable Out of Character Moment near the end she becomes somber and confesses that she hates living at Grey Gardens and wishes she could move and live a normal life. Blue Blood: The Beales come from one of the oldest, wealthiest families in America. The Care Taker: Little Edie, who came to look after her mother and the house when nobody else would. Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Both ladies, but Little Edie in particular. Cloud Cuckoolanders Minder: Little Edie, despite being a Cloud Cuckoolander herself. Cool Old Ladies: Despite their disgusting living conditions, both women have a lot of interesting stories to tell about their high society lives and are very engaging. The filmmakers took quite a shine to them as well. Crazy Cat Lady: Could be Ur Example. A lot of the fictional cat ladies in various works have been inspired by the Beales. The scene where Big Edie matter of factly notes that one of the cats is urinating behind her portrait stands out. Taken Up to Eleven in the scene where it is shown they aren’t just crazy cat ladies but are crazy raccoon ladies as well, as they go up to the attic to feed the feral raccoons that live there. Crazy Consumption: The eating habits of both women are very strange (see Dog Food Diet below) and include eating a whole pint of ice cream with a knife, and having corn right out of the pot while in bed. Big Edie is shown cooking on a hot plate on her bedside table, which has to be a fire hazard. Creator Cameo: The Maysles brothers appear several times, mainly as reflections in mirrors that happen to be in the shot. The Beales also talk to them and refer to them by name from time to time. Dancing with Myself: In one scene, Little Edie, who has always loved dancing, shows that she still remembers her choreography as she dances along to an old record, while waving an American flag no less wholesale replica designer handbags.