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A motorized milling spindle capable of 5 axis milling and a

A motorized milling spindle capable of 5 axis milling and a

While everything from energy savings, health benefits, fewer car accidents and higher french fry sales have been used to justify the time change, most Canadians will be happy to just get the extra hour of sleep. Sunday morning, clocks across the country will be turned back an hour, except in a few areas that maintain standard time throughout the year.With the exception of a few Saskatchewan border towns, most of the province has not observed daylight time since 1966 and remains on central standard time all year round.The far northeastern reaches of Quebec do not “fall” back either and remain on Atlantic Standard Time year round, while pockets of Ontario and British Columbia will also not change their time.While the one hour time shift is mostly a minor inconvenience although people across Europe fumed this week when their iPhone alarms didn’t adjust to their time shift instituting and adjusting the twice yearly time change has been fraught with great debate around the world.Daylight time was first instituted at the height of the First World War in 1916 by Germany and its allies in an effort to conserve coal. But the idea had been proposed more than a century earlier, without gaining much traction.Soon after, Britain, much of the rest of Europe, and Canada and the United States followed suit.Although it was repealed shortly after the armistice in most places, it was reinstated when war broke out again in 1939.The controversial time change has since gone through several changes and adjustments over the years.

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